Ekonomika - Society of Economists "Ekonomika" Niš

Society of Economists "Ekonomika" Niš

On 16 May 2000, was held the first general meeting of Society of Economists "Ekonomika" Niš , and on 19 May 2000, the Society entered into the Register of Associations of citizens. From this date the only publisher of journal Ekonomika becomes Society of Economists "Ekonomika" Niš.
Society of Economists "Ekonomika" Niš is non-partisan and non-governmental non-profit association of economists with the mission of improving economic science and practice. Based on the objectives of the society towards the statute of March 28, 2011 are as follows:

  • To bring together economists from different professions and specialties, as well as to represent the interests of the Association and its members,

  • To cooperate with state authorities, chambers of commerce and other business associations, with banks, companies, other similar associations and thereby enhances the economic profession,

  • To monitor scientific achievements at home and abroad in order to inform its members with them,

  • To enable its members professional development in order to improve the profession and improve the quality of work,

  • To provide its members with adequate professional journals, publications and information,

  • To require from its members in accordance with the rules and principles of law to perform their date or commitment,

  • To take special care about ethics and awareness of the work of its members.


Association achieves its goals implementing the following tasks:

  • organizing lectures, discussions, seminars and symposia,

  • in accordance with the needs of its members by preparing technical publications within the scope of their work,

  • The release of professional journals and professional literature in the field of work,

  • cooperation with interested agencies and organizations, proposing norms and regulations to improve certain social problems in the area of the Association,

  • Cooperation with related associations as well as all professional associations in the country.

We hope you will find useful information on this site about the Society of Economists "Ekonomika" Niš and journal Ekonomika, and that some of you will become our members, to work together to improve the economic theory and practice in the Republic of Serbia, the immediate environment and wider.
Contact: ekonomika@ekonomika.org.rs